Third Series: The First Pillar of Petrochemicals: Methane .. 7 of 10

23/04/2011 0
فهد فلقي
In the previous parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) of the third series we discussed Pillar # 1 (Methane) representing one of the basic building blocks of the petrochemicals/ chemicals industry; and some of its derivatives. In this part, we will continue the discussion of the other products derived from Methane and their manufacturing processes, sub derivatives and applications.

Continue derivatives derived from methanol

Cont. derivatives of methanol

Methyl- tertiary -butyl ether

Methanol3: Methyl- tertiary -butyl ether

Tertiary-amyl methyl ether

Methanol4: Tertiary-amyl methyl ether

Cont. derivatives of methanol

Dimethyl ether

Methanol5: Dimethyl ether

Chlorinated methanes

Methanol6: Chlorinated methanes

Cont. derivatives of methanol

Methyl mercaptan

Methanol7: Methyl mercaptan

Cont. derivatives of methanol

Methyl formate

Methanol8: Methyl formate


Methyl formate1: Dimethylformamide


Methyl formate2: Formamide

Formic acid

Methyl formate3: Formic acid

In next series, we will continue the other products derived from methanol