Third Series: The First Pillar of Petrochemicals: Methane .. 5 of 10

31/01/2011 4
فهد فلقي

In the previous parts (1, 2, 3 & 4) of the third series we discussed Pillar # 1 (Methane) representing one of the basic building blocks of the petrochemicals/ chemicals industry; and some of its derivatives. In this part, we will continue the discussion of the other products derived from Methane and their manufacturing processes, sub derivatives and applications


Methanol is the main basic raw material of various chemical products. It is produced by a catalytic reaction of syngas (mixture of CO and H2). See below table


----------Derivatives of Methanol----------

The preceding lines give more information about the methanol-based derivative products given in previous table


Methanol1: Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde1: Pentaerythritol

Cont. derivatives of Methanol

Acetic acid

Methanol2: Acetic acid

In next series, we will continue the other products derived from methanol